Trump And His American Dream

Donald trump Presidential CampaignDonald Trump has become a household name in the United States.He is a shrewd businessman with an empire ranging from the real estate business to the entertainment industry. He admits that over the years,he has made mistakes in his endevours.One important thing is that he took notes along the way. It is the wisdom gained that he hopes could be put to better use as the next US president.

How has Donald Trump conducted his campaign so far?

During the initial stages of the campaign,almost everyone was skeptical. The media did not even fully cover his speaking events. Over time,ratings started to indicate that what people wanted to watch was Mr Trump and his campaign. Currently,the media covers his press conferences live.

One thing that is very clear is that Mr Trump is moving the crowd to an extent. During a debate hosted by Fox news,over 24 million people watched it! This shows that gradually he is gaining influence over his crowd and attracting even more people.

Some experts are of the opinion that Donald Trump should keep his day job and let politics and governance be handled by politicians. When his character and personality are put to question,he has a large ego. While this might be a good trait when handling his businesses;after all he is the boss,it is different with running a government. The skill of attentively listening to make proper decisions is fundamental in the smooth running of all activities of a government.

According to them, Donald Trump does not stand a chance of being the next American president. During this time,he is allowed to be a clown and use his money during US presidential campaigns but he will only be a president in his own company.

The current US President holds similar sentiments and does not see Mr Trump as his successor. According to him,Trump is not fit for the job. Running a business and running a government is different in many ways.

The interesting thing is that Trump has a dream,and if Barrack Obama’s slogan is anything to go by,then yes we can. If he will get the nomination papers from the Republican party,that will be a great step towards his dream.

He has probably achieved whatever he may have wanted to achieve during his life time. If American presidency is the final dream,then so be it.

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Japan At The Rugby World Cup

Japan Rugby World Cup
Before 2015 Rugby Of World Cup tournament, Japan was one of the joke teams. But after the tournament their performance brought them the recognition they worked for. As the bus rolled down the street the fans had lined up along the sides and were waving Japanese flags in support of a winning team, and the fans weren’t even Japanese!

Rugby has become a huge sensation in Japan with 126,000 registered players and 30 million viewers. The confidence boost this team got from the fans and the recognition they received for the awesome performance has generated a whole new generation of potential Rugby players.

The team played hard and well with three wins in England which leaves a great legacy for Japan. The goal of building a strong team has shown success with the 2015 tournament from the work ethics and sacrifices the team made. The Brave Blossoms excellent performance gave them a surprising win against two-time champion South Africa, 34-32, which left heads reeling! And the team is smiling, because they won with the biggest difference in ranking points, a whopping 13.09! They can claim a victory over the US Eagles with a great score of 28-18 at Kingsholm! They also walked away with a victory over Samoa which makes them a team to be reckoned with for these victories!

They came, won 3 out of 4 games with a quality of players and performance not seen from Japan before and now Japan will host the 2019, Rugby Of World Cup tournament with pride. This will be the first time the Rugby Of World Cup has been hosted in Asia. The opening match is supposed to be held in beautiful Tokyo Stadium in Chofu. The last match shall be held probably at the International Stadium Yokohama at Kanagawa.

The economy boost this event will bring is nothing compared to the excitement there will be over the honor of hosting the first Rugby World Cup tournament ever in Japan! And with the same champion mindset, hard work and the same fantastic performance Japan can be victorious in their home base!

Japan will never again be considered a “joke” team after their amazing three world cup victories for 2015! It is a great opportunity for the Brave Blossoms to gain a higher ranking and the fans of a winning team. Eddie Jones, Japan’s coach, said, “These guys are heroes, they have changed the whole image of Japanese Rugby!” No one expected Japan to come out with this huge victory, let alone beat the three teams that they did. But they did it!

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What To Expect On Nobel Peace Prize This Year

Nobel Peace Prize
273 candidates were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015, making this number the second highest number of candidates to be ever nominated. 68 candidates out of this number are organizations, and the rest are the individual person.The Nobel Peace Prize is the respected prize of its kind and is about to be announced. The Norwegian Nobel Committee are responsible for candidates nomination and according to them the speculations cropping up about who will be awarded this year prize is just “sheer guesswork …put out by the person or persons behind the nomination”. So who is going to win?

For now, The only five members of Norwegian Nobel Committee knows for sure, but so far everyone stands a chance of winning this famous prize. Past experiences show that these committee are quite capable of springing surprises which should give us the Hope that whoever we want to win has a chance. The committee final decision will be scrutinized, in Norway to avoid past political criticism on this committee decision.

We have seen past winners being famous people like Nelson Mandela and famous organizations but I hope this year that the grassroots activist will be awarded, because this award is not only about recognition, it’s about assisting the cause of those recognition’s and to strengthen a particular campaign. Recognition of these local activists and their cause will make a huge difference to peace within a conflict zones and the world as a whole.

It’s good thing to find some of local nominees like Congolese gynecologist who help thousands of lives in Congo and people like Eritrean priest who created a hotline for refugees sit behind popular names like Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and my favorite Novaya Gazeta.

Whatever, the outcome I believe there are it’s going to be controversial because there is always the other side of the coin in everything. For example a win for Pope Francis will probably anger those opposed to his views on birth control, The win of Ms. Merkel will be criticized by some people, But this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve this prize. Every successful Journey has its up and down and without this up and down why need a prize?Whether these nominees have been working Quietly to transform the lives of the fellow being or have been publicly doing that we as the society expect this prize to be Fair and Not a joke. Some of us have invested in betting websites because we believe that Nobel Peace Prize is not a joke. So we hope the outcome will be based on encouragement, not popularity.

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